The Forge Robotic Platform

Leveraging a skid steer base and more than a hundred existing attachments, the Forge™ is the world’s first x-by-wire robotic solution.

Forge answers the need for a capable and affordable robotic system that can perform a wide variety of functions across multiple industries.

While useful in many industries, Forge’s narrow frame and exceptional load capacity makes it especially proficient in orchards and vineyards.

Planned developments in an open API and the Forge Marketplace will allow greater access and flexibility to developers.

Graphic showing that forge has hundreds of attachments


One of the main reasons that ASI chose to use a skid steer base for the Forge robotic platform is the variety and availability of attachments. The universal skid steer attachment point allows for the use of more than a hundred implements—e.g. augers, mowers, blades, buckets, sprayers—all of which could be automated for robotic tasks.
graphic showing that forge can lift over 1,200 pounds, or 500 kilograms

Lift Capability

The lift/load capacity, determined by the specific skid steer model used as the base, is critical for tasks such as orchard and vineyard spraying, where the carrying capacity limits the amount of chemicals that can be carried with the vehicle. Forge’s higher lift capacity means longer operational times in farming applications and greater versatility in mining and construction applications.
graphic showing the forge with and without the cab attached

Cab Options

The cab-on/cab-off option provides increased flexibility for users based on their application of Forge. In orchards, for example, the cab-off option enables Forge to navigate in rows where fragile, overhanging produce might be damaged by the higher profile of a cab-on Forge. In mining applications, the cab-on option is useful for operators that desire to quickly toggle between manual and robotic control and maintain driver protection.
graphic showing that forge can travel at up to 7 miles per hour, or 11 kilometers per hours

Top Speed

Forge users have full control over the vehicle’s throttle up to the top speed of the factory vehicle. The 7+ mph top speed of Forge is useful for industries where the vehicles primarily used have low top speeds and either take long periods of time to transfer to new sites or must be loaded and transported by truck.

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Forge™ is a versatile robotic platform that leverages hundreds of attachments for robotic tasks across multiple industries.

How It Works

diagram showing the placement of mobius automation hardware in a Forge skidsteer

The same technology used to automate vehicles from other industries was used in the development of Forge. A Nav system of robotic components installs easily into a Forge unit, converting it from manual to robotic control. The skid steer bases used for Forge are all electrical (or by-wire) vehicles, making it easy for Nav to leverage the vehicle’s existing CAN Bus, providing access to transmission, steering, acceleration, braking, and other critical functions.

Each Forge unit is full-automation capable at the time of shipment, but can be easily remote controlled or teleoperated from a remote command center.